Instructions for use Hondrogel

Hondrogel - gel in sachets for the recovery of the joints and the prevention of diseases. For outdoor use. In a set of 10 customized packages for single use only. Has the cold effect. The country-producer - latvia. Allowed for the application in italy.

The statement Hondrogel general information and characteristics

Pharmacological action: the elimination, in the area of the joints of the swelling and inflammation, prevention of complications and the development of infection after mechanical damage of the joints, the prevention and treatment of diseases of the joints. In addition, the application of gel high performance for emergency assistance when the tension in the muscles, severe pain in the joints and in the lumbar area.

The healing properties gel: immediate relief of the pain and the clamps, muscle, redness damaged bone and cartilage, shave cloth, removes the swelling and inflammation in the joints, normalizes the quantity of synovial fluid, it contributes to the reduction of the degenerate curvature of the joints, produces an antiseptic effect of action.

Indications Hondrogel: inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the locomotor apparatus, bursitis, radiculitis, the osteochondrosis, gout, synovitis, osteoporosis, sciatica, ankylosis, rheumatism, all types of arthritis and osteoarthritis, the pain and creaking in the joints, myalgia, injury of muscles and tendons.

Current composition: hyaluronic acid, collagen, methylsulfonylmethane, chondroitin, and glucosamine.

Natural active components: the extract of chamomile flowers, arnica montana, extract of indian frankincense, extract of root of diabolical, essential oil of mint and eucalyptus, leaf oil, menthol, shark fat.

The expiration date Hondrogel: 24 months, keep out of reach of children at a temperature from 5 to 22 degrees.

Description of the pharmaceutical form: gel clear, colorless, with a characteristic odor.

Contraindications: intolerance individual of one of the components in the composition, the age up to 18 years of age, pregnancy and lactation, wounds, and skin lesions in the area of application of the gel.

How to use - the duration of application and dosing

instructions on how to use the gel Hondrogel for the recovery of the joints and the anesthesia

It is important to know that the recovery of the joints and the anesthesia with a gel Hondrogel will is only effective when used correctly.

For the lift suddenly appears or worsened pain, just a single use. Apply the gel on the affected area in a layer of approximately 1 cm, After carefully polishing the skin with circular movements until its total absorption. And the result not make you wait a long time. The pain becomes decrease after the application of the gel, and at the end of the procedure is virtually disappears.

In the case of a chronic illness, when you have to resolve inflammation, stop the growth and destroy the infection, recover damaged cartilage, shave bone tissue from the joints, Hondrogel be sure to use the type of change. Minimum standard of the course is to apply the gel two times a day, morning and late in the evening, continuously for 5 days. It allows the increase of the dose up to 3-4 times a day and the continuation of the course before one month.

If the patient must meet the first symptoms of any disease of the joints, while the diagnosis has not been installed or has been verified, it is recommended to use Hondrogel in the period of 10 days or more each night.